Site Survey

Solar Pathfinder

An on-site evaluation is to assure we know what potential your site has for generation. SolarPower Systems will gather the data needed in order to give you an accurate assessment of your sites needs and capabilities. Insist on a site survey for any real evaluation when considering Renewable Energy investments.

Procurement And Installation

install process

SolarPower System’s buying power, utilizing great product pricing, means we can get it done right and on time. SPS continues to build on our reputation of delivering superior results by not only meeting but exceeding the demands of our customers. Get the best service available for your next solar project.

Cost And Feasibility

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Proper site evaluation allows for an accurate analysis and feasibility of the site, costs associated with construction, and an overall estimate of what the project will cost. The feasibility report arms you with information, helping you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the project or giving you alternate sites and viable options. Having the proper specified equipment, for the right reasons, on a good generation site, means a happy customer, which is our number one goal!

System Commissioning


All necessary compliance documents with local authorities, utility compliance documentation, and meetings with inspectors are all handled by SPS. Your system will be commissioned and tested, as well as maintained by SPS, if you chose. Semi-annual inspections help to guarantee peak performance for our systems. Ask a representative about SolarPower System’s complete turnkey system costs for greater savings!


Save money with solar

SPS will present all federal, state, and local incentives for which your project qualifies, explaining the current options. Many states are offering rebate programs and other forms of payback to shorten the Return On Investment (R.O.I.). We are aware, and on top, of the latest incentives for your area.


Solar Panel Cleaning

SPS offers maintenance programs tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the project.

System Design

system design

Our experienced staff will combine not just design and technical knowledge, but also good aesthetics, to bring together eye-catching systems that work wonderfully. There is nothing worse than seeing a solar project that looks as though it was an afterthought. SPS has styles to meet any structure or site challenges, making the system perfect for you!