Why SolarPower Systems?

At SolarPower Systems we have always, and continue to, believe that our customer's best interests come first. Our owners will continue to invest back into the company for research and development, equipment, facilities, people, and training. We are not only financially stable but continue to grow in these challenging economic conditions.


SPS is not just a Renewable Energy company. We specialize in the consultation, sales, design, and installation of solar electric and solar hot water systems for both homes and businesses. We join the thousands of companies, including the United States government, in supporting and providing Backup Power and Renewable Energy needs.


Our team of trained professionals will always recommend the "right fit" option best suited to all of your needs.

Giving Back

SolarPower Systems actively participates in the local communities in which it serves. Our employees serve, volunteer, and devote hours to helping others where they work and live. We are proud of their efforts and realize that giving back to our community is what it is all about. We pledge to continue to serve the energy needs of the Texas Hill Country while actively contributing to the economic and social welfare of the local communities.

Company Overview

In 2012 SolarPower Systems (SPS) was established to meet the growing demand for viable renewable energy alternatives in Texas. We realized that renewable energy is the wave of the future. In following with our belief that quality should be the standard, we invested in our employees to hire qualified professionals dedicated to giving our clients exactly what they need. By establishing superior customer service, turnkey solutions, and investing in equipment, facilities, employees, and continuous training we are able to meet the growing demand of consumers to preserve the natural resources of our planet, while saving for the future by using the most economical resources available to power homes and businesses.

After extensive research, and careful consideration, SPS launched its solar power division in Kerrville, Texas in association with Rainwater Systems, Inc. to fill a void in our area. Working in conjunction with one another the two companies offer an invaluable mix of services to those interested in minimizing their carbon footprints on our economy. We are available to travel anywhere in the nation to assess your solar needs.